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Tiring the heart--
mountains and ocean
too much beauty

Greeting Spring
running barefoot through the forest
three sparrows
flit from hedge to bird table
council grass cutter

rains pummel the earth
incessant birdsong --
winter's silence breaking apart
first cherry blossom -
shy streaks
of red
the recycling box
is full of April showers
the cat stays indoors

the end of March

embarrassed naked branches

attempt retraction

inspection done
plant breathes a collective sigh
then high fives
early morning
fog drips from a fuzzy moon
pools under the street lights
thin drizzle -
jackdaws gather twigs
and chatter
under a bush
green phalli rise -
tulip buds
a round moon
rises early this evening--
pale creeper

the beauty of blooming Bradford pears

without the odor of blooming Bradford pears-

thank you unusually cold spring

reaching for a vest -
cherry blossom
sprinkled with snow
Great tits and Blue tits
flock to seed dispensers
white azalea blooms
scandal in Rome
a couple of cardinals
pacing our patio
a single blossom falls
and with it
the whole world
red tulips
against glossy Viburnum leaves
sunlight glinting

upon a grey fence
amidst a leafless lilac
the cardinal blooms

Gennem visne blade
spirrer foråret


Through withered leaves
spring sprouts
at last

Smile brings
on beloved face
spring’s colourful play.

Youthful flowers
swing on gentle wind
welcoming spring
dandelion sun
flowers in a sunny spot
Hyacinth grave-scent
over the fence
of the playground
swings come and go


par-dessus la palissade
du terrain de jeux
un va-et-vient de balançoires

immature cherry
sparse in its blossoms
just like you

through tiny movements
I feed a deepened hunger -
sowing lettuce seeds

and my face gladdens
rising arch of yellow
daffodil smile

Saturday alarm clock -
hungry baby birds

spring light on pine needles --
your laughter lingering in the air

spring, earth softens
as the sun grows near
warming barren beds
wake those sleepy seeds
on the 29th a new moon will rise
as we make our way back into soft spring
breezes, the growing time
blustery night
rain slams into the windows
the first red tulips


his wherewithal bears fruit
blue seas respond
the calm of ages past surfaces,
oblivious of disavowal
** **

..circa 2010..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
It’s in the air
green socks on clothesline

late in the cool of night
when primrose bloom
I collect some pedals
for under my pillow
and make a wish
in the moonlight
never to be alone

tv aerial

a light wind interferes with

a collared dove

semi-detached -

two magpies

facing the rain

on the roof
a pigeon is cooing
wet tyres hiss
AIB* morning
enjoying the daffodils
as I walk in the plant

* yearly three day audit of the plant I work in
inverted worlds
cover the windows
raindrops fall
lightning flashes
on the far horizon
a navy mom
smoothes the wrinkles
of her son’s picture

In The Pebbled Shore:
The Tanka Society of America’s
2009 Anthology, 2010.
depressing morning
but for a jug of joy:
sun burns off the frost
in the unheated greenhouse
my seedlings die
lone among greens
a bright yellow daffodil
hitchhikes school buses
afternoon drive
buds bursting out on the trees
magnolias unfurled
helicopter buzzing --
in the sodden grassland,
"Let those
who have not sinned
cast the first stone to her."
Left alone, He enjoins her,
"Sin no more!"
catkins on the willow
A blue tit is startled
by the curtain
first cardinal
trying out the chair
without snow

spring equinox

spring equinox discarded fag ends among the flowers

gerald england
jacket opened
to the first sun of March -
"times are changing"


veste large ouverte
au premier soleil de mars -
"times are changing"
hissing tyres
peppercorns of rain
on the dog's fur
half awake
a rumbling reminder
that California
still remains
earthquake haven

A very delayed reaction ....


color me harp
winglike embrace let surface
is it a quiver next
to grow its fraction
spring's equanimity bedazzles
** **

..circa 2010..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony

gardens and decks
caught in the evening light --
kingdoms within kingdoms
first rain:
little magpie
shakes its head

sunset: for a few minutes
the slush and the mud turn gold
a dead frog
broken on the road
wind in my ears
sparrows fly in threes
from hedge to sunlit tree
a belt of jasmine
busy sparrow -
a long thread of grass
to weave around her
a swathe of snowdrops
naturalised on a lawn
compost worms wiggle
Greeting New Year*
he worships nine goddesses
and fasting too

*Now is the time of 'Navratri', marking the Beginning of
Spring as well as the Hindu New year
open window
cats fall over each other
getting to the sill
already warm
children pass in just their shirts
swathes of crocuses
The visual evidence
decreasing snow
I believe

Blinded and hypnotized
this early morning sun
I believe in spring

fog hugs the coast
sight lines slip away
echoes return

cool night rain -
surprising scent of licorice
upon my warm face

the spring wind swished

the stern dress of the camellia-

made her blush

sleepy in class
the boy blames it on
daylight savings time
spring -
a green shadow spreading
across the trees
the increased desire
for corned beef
From the roof top
beautiful birdsong emerge

A dressing gown
fetching the morning paper
silence Blackbird

Stop and listen
song from heart

hope and new start
streaming through half-closed curtains
trees rocked by wind
orphanage window
plastic flowers bloom
in the snow

The Mainichi (Japan) Daily News
March 11, 2010

builder's promise kept,

work's done-- amongst the rubble,

crocuses and snowdrops

talcum powder sky
lets the sun shine through
blue tits eating peanuts
It’s in the air
this indefinable something


freeway -
a flight of migratory birds
high in the sky


voie express -
un vol de migrateurs
haut dans le ciel

the rabbit's hind foot--
St Patrick's Day

College basketball tournaments

L. A. traffic jam
he peeks at the sports page
March madness

Haiku Harvest, Vol. 6, No. 1
Spring/Summer 2006
spring hunger-
and my crocuses
are roses
young blades
stitch through old snows --
cruel spring
dream catcher rain
allows the earthworms to be
sea horses for a day
in a ray of hope--
the new sun

overnight rain
brings the misery of mud
loose hair is wind streamed

A New Approach

even the pebbles
seem to have borne a new approach
a newfound glint
each bud, each footstep
on trail, too, lends significance
** **

..circa 2010..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony

snow on distant hills -
alder catkins shiver
in the breeze.
Captured branches
ice shine in the sun
on the brink of spring

On the brink of spring
by the sun the ice shine
captured branches

On the brink of spring
ice captured branches
sunlit tree

spring funeral -
carefully into the earth
carefully covered
the garden
still covered in brown leaves
a dog at the window
pale crocuses
Gnome holds up his carp
with pleasure
sparrows sit
touching heads -
spring inches in
Under the feet
smell of crushed dried leaves
spring calling
a barking dog
echoes in a silent street
a coal tit darts away

flood my empty eyes
with a deluge of light -
spring fever

sly march the piper
dances in the woods and fields
his music wakes all
early morning gull -
a creaking door
opens into spring
shadows become
stencils of night frost
Forsythia blushes
Returning home
with wearied masks
Holi faces

(Holi is an Indian kigo, marking arrival of spring)
Dusty leaves
break days of silence:
spring's first rain
sudden rain
her umbrella widens
to take her lover in

World Haiku Review
Vol. 8, Issue 1, Jan. 2010

crocus buds

catch raindrops

and hold them close

vacant possession -

a great tit investigates

the nest box

bright breeze
the kettle warms up
a cloudless day
yellow crocuses
a lady in a green jumper
scrapes her windshield
Desperately writing
spring must come now
or else!
morning sun
streams through the window
paws chilled by frost
my daughter
rehearses a new song
oh, so early
the March sun
--and the birds!
rain fall, bitter and chill
a chrysalis hanging
from a raspberry cane
dogs barking in darkness
the moon through open curtains
keeps her from sleep
sparrows in sunshine
a blue tit on the buddleia
teases out old seeds