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Tiring the heart--
mountains and ocean
too much beauty

bonsai in training-
outstretched branches offer
lacy purple blooms
dandelion seeds
adrift on the breeze


small shoots pop up
fade soon in scorching sun:
life force humming
spots of blue
between steel-grey clouds
sparrows in the buddleia
Time by the stream-
After winter frosts
Smell of spring

Snow in April
pretends it doesn't know
it's spring.

Spring thaw.
Looks from a dirt
first grass.

The Seeds

they plant
the seeds of beauty
to water this wealth
** **

..circa 2010..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram; reaching into the poet's mind
plant ginko
walking the perimeter
enjoying the breeze
sunrise commute
atop tranformer pole
full moon
diffused light
the warm yellow of summer
Flowers of daffodil
In our spring garden---
Smile in life
After the long winter
Flowers whispering
To seem music

In forest

May morning -
Ants trample a path
Through the forest


Going home

After a haiku hike
in Fish Canyon Falls last Saturday

Spring rain

shadowing my steps
cold spring rain
covers my footprints
spring fever
getting my shift done early
to go play in dirt
white cherry tree
an old woman carries
her tortoise

two plumbers working
many sounds but
not a single word

over the nettles
where I know I just can't go
Orange-tip butterfly

Orange-tip butterfly:

Alan Summers
on the cherry tree
flowers give way to leaves
youth fades
pink blossoms
morning prayer in the cold
spring blessings
opening the front door
a full moon greets me
wrapped in sleep -
drifting moon
raspberry canes
nodding in the light breeze
rain clouds threaten


A round moon
Bird cherry blossom
Tulip buds

The end of April

the end of April
snow covers the earth again
incessant birdsong --

The first flowers

the first flowers
greet arrival of spring
blue forget-me-nots

Seductive birds sing
in the frozen landscape
spring's siren song.
dark, sweet life
nestled among the Easter grass
newborn calves
midday break-
a gentle breeze whips by
filled with magnolia
fallen petals
in the gutter -
broken promises
a sparrow peers
from a gap in the brickwork
peacock butterfly flits


Welcoming spring
The boy runs across a pool
Mother is not pleased

Warm spring

Warm spring -
Song between two starlings
Likely about love

Spring chill

Spring chill
Early to pack winter coats
May be snow again
weekend garden finds-
black grass, orange daisies
and asian cukes

from the rain -
a spring bud topping for
the winter green

scattered showers
leave raindrops on new leaves


By spring brook
The child floated the boat
His wet boots

Cold night

Very cold night
The cat folded tail
round its front feet


Green grass in April
Birds begin to sing in trees
Children playing
haiku trail
leading to nowhere
but here

For the complete story please check
my blog HERE
blackbirdsong -
opening the window
to listen.

To Sleep With The Flowers

bruised, torn and lost
I am weary of this life
my eyes clouded with tears

I will lie down to sleep
under the new spring warmed earth
to rest, mixing with flowers and time
a light drizzle
clattering into the guttering
a starling's nest
Past nights cold
changes to morning dew
April wonders
sparrows chirp
from a gap in the eaves
tussocks of moss
closed shutters -
last night and this morning
the same bird song


volets clos -
hier soir et ce matin
le même chant d'oiseau
afternoon gardening
first rose of the season
ready to bloom
St George's Day
birch catkins dangle
against a pale sky
vapour trails
criss-crossing the blue
cemetery magpies
close your eyes
every scented garden is yours
'tis Spring now, you willed it
** **

..circa 2010
..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
morning commute
suprised with a small clear pacth patch
in the fog expanse
a fox slinks past
the cherries in the garden
speckled with blossom
filled vegetable beds
the promise of summer salads
and some to share
spring cleanup
last letter of my sister
before her death

For my sister Ate Nena,
who passed away last year
carrion beetles
inside the deer skull
- spring cleaning

and come the sunrise
the freshly fallen petals
had vanished

two sparrows
at the bird feeder
last year's honesty

beneath the canopy
of a thickening wood
innocence wanders
blue skies return
only propeller aeroplanes
sully the blue
a week later
garden nurseries filled
with plants and people

flocks of winged seeds
are abandoning their trees,
dry rain pats the ground

drizzling rain
paints the spring greens brighter
puddles of aubretia
once more,
spring slippers abound
as if on cue
** **

..circa 2010
.Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram

daily walks resume...
his lean more pronounced
after the long winter
Music of wind
flowers whispering
arrival of spring.
blue tits squabble
over a piece of fruit cake
blue forget-me-nots
Trees in queue
holding colourful paints
greet new guest spring.


follow the leader -
swimming in the bayou -
three ducks

top of the cherry tree -
two turtledoves shove
the first flowers


sommet du cerisier -
deux tourterelles bousculent
les premières fleurs
filtered through willow leaves
Honesty blooms

going nowhere


a spongy path
under a silent sky
going nowhere

gerald england
midday break
deciding to enjoy the day
by leaving early
In the stillness

of noon, the sound

of a blade of grass

whippoorwill sing
wake her deep sleep
spring has come
dandelions bloom
Gnome is ready to set out
on his motorbike
breeze through the garden
flowers lean
a small tortoiseshell
on a dandelion -
no sign of the sun --
the flaming drumsticks of tulips
dot the front garden

Early Embrace

velvety surrender
the comforting embrace
of sunrays
on early springsters
** **

..circa 2003
..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram

Forbidden love

the entwined ivy
and blooming rose
reach for the sun
the entanglements
of forbidden love

Sketchbook, Vol. 4, No. 6,
November/December 2009
afternoon delight
all the new plants in their beds
the joy of dirty nails
crisp packet tumbleweeds
fresh-leaved raspberry canes
whipped by the wind
the sparrows flit
the winter-dried thyme
for their nests
early ride
fog spilling
over the hilltop
God spoke to Moses
from a burning bush -
flowering Magnolia
Lonely sunrise--
birds flying away in search
for worms in ash
grey and breezy
pigeons on the bird table
chase off sparrows
prepping garden bed
folding earthworms
back into the soil
cherry blossom -
puffs of breath
on the morning air
slanting sunshine
catching all the fresh greens
hatching snails
weekend ginko-
chatting with plants at nursery
to see who gets bought
crumpled leaves
on the hawthorn bush
a shotgun sounds

young forest
straight strong trees
two tall kids on the track

a distinct chill
on bare, unadorned limbs
blackthorns bloom
small hours of Spring
just the petrol station lights
for some company
a lone sparrow cheeps
under a still and leaden sky
potted anemones
back from the beach -
a grain of sand crunches
between my teeth


retour de la plage -
un grain de sable crisse
entre mes dents
widower’s first date
her aggressiveness
unsettles his driving
oh how he wishes
he’s ten years younger

Modern English Tanka
Vol. 3, No. 3, Spring 2009
old spice
grandpa's scent
on Easter



the gentle wind muses
songs of spring to the far-off fields
angel of beauty
visits the land of rainbow
and birds clap flapping their wings
a flush of new leaves
turns willows into limes
yellow gorse
midday stroll
dogwood blossoms
caught in the lawn

slender white light --
magnolia greets the morning
flowering cherries
spread delicate fragrance
blue hyacinths
afternoon chores
making new garden beds
planning pepper patch
Autumn leaves hurry by
first spring wind
cherry in bloom
the poet sits in darkness
on a wet bench
a dog walker pauses
to admire the forsythia
silent sunshine
dark daffodil leaves
a stroll to the train station
to embrace my wife
late afternoon
waves of heat radiating
on the blacktop
The excitement

of things trembling on the brink

--of new life
lawns change from drab to spring green
next door's cat, howling.
spring rain
even Death Valley
is alive with flowers

Haiku Harvest, Vol. 6, No. 1
Spring/Summer 2006
blue lupines’ pale breath
shadows moving over stone—
frail anthems of spring
working in the plant
the scent of magnolias
beckons me outside
a stiff breeze
through the open window
sparrows cheep
fourth watch drive
half moon perched atop
flowering dogwood
Easter morning-
humming my favorites
up the parkway

Easter evening-
eel and edamame dinner
and a musical
bank holiday rain
on rooftop chimney pots
a pigeon coos

Mexicali earthquake

the pool's water rocks
and rolls then overflows
at earthquake's call

We were starting to eat our Easter early dinner in my daughter's house when the rumblings started. Looking at the swimming pool outside, we watched with a bit of apprehension, the water of the swimming pool coming upwards towards the house. Nothing serious happened, however, as we rode the rolling wave for the longest time, which we all felt. We learned later that it was in a magnitude of 7.2 in Mexico near San Diego.
new leaves
on the buddleias
hellebores droop
grey light and old rain
from a hole in the eaves
a sparrow's chirp

Easter Sunday


What ripened fruit hung
from those dead branches
torn down and planted,
deep into the earth?

What crop will it bring?
after days and days
and days of rain the old men
walk their dogs
clouds congregate,
holding hands over England
grim pansies frown

between the bird calls
within the stillness
I wonder

even the magnolia's
mounds of fleshy blooms
must fall

Kabuki actor
the heavy wax bloom
of the plum
Poisson d'Avril
it's raining all cats and dogs
at the wrong station

wake up sweet one, wake up
you have been dreaming
this long long winter
rub your sleepy eyes my dear
wake, for the gentle winds
of spring have come
fourth watch
full moon pulsates
through a veil of clouds
prismatic arcs
after the wind and rain
cat-flap rattles
rays of sun
cutting through
ground fog
oak trees shake
but there's no breeze
- shriek of brown-eared bulbuls

look out the school window:
jaywalking umbrellas

morning holds its breath
- magnolia buds

. . . Seoul, ROK