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Tiring the heart--
mountains and ocean
too much beauty

on daisy-speckled grass
dogs running

You Are In God's Photo Book

My goddaughter posted this on Facebook today. The narrator really brings God's love alive. Relax, close your eyes, and allow God's word to flow over you.

trees bent sideways
by the horizontal rain
the rain holds off
wind howls along the street
rips away blossom
discarded embryo  -
murdering magpie
purple-tipped spirea
eclipsed by raspberry canes
raindrop melodies
a morning
of pink puddles
along cherry-tree road
open tulip
a chalice for the rain
fallen petals
tiny flowers
on the rosemary
Rain patters
onto freshly laundered streets
cherry petals
threatening rain low clouds over the valley trees look taller
drumheaded tulips
among the shrubbery
next door's black cat
the heads of tulips
glisten with morning rain
wild arum
yellow hyssop
reflects the sunshine
silver windchimes
rain clatters
on corrugated roofs
blackbirds sing
new puddles
on the garden path
lazy dogs

shoots upward again

Jack Galmitz
night rain
dashing against the window
the dog stays in

April twilight
slipping into dark
night frost blackens the pear blossom bonfire smoke
in the east wind
falling petals - flakes
of white ice
scattered across the lawn
plum blossom
cherry orchard -
crocus leaves
last longer the flowers
I plant new bulbs
white honesty
between the paving slabs
self seeded blooms

the last daffodil

the last daffodil
wrapped in serenity
all around it – drafts

all around it – drafts
located in their own lots…
poor last daffodil

Diana Teneva

two small marigolds

two small marigolds
gave just a smile to the sun
full of happiness

Diana Teneva
new rose shoots
blood red in the sunshine
purple honesty
in the window box
flash in the cold depths
scattered petals
washes away the dust
spring greens
cherry petals
confetti the pavement
nesting sparrows
hide among the new leaves
raid the bird table
as I pass
the wind chime tells stories
Spring storm
field mouse
under the garden shed
the cat's tail, twitching
spring fair  -
morning sun
burns away the snow
muddy paths

still pond ripples
inside the enclosed garden -
my secret retreat
spring blossom
buried under snow
green fields
counterpoints the rust
grape muscari
into the garden
a hawk  -
cacaphony of wings
plum blossom
more prolific then cherry
garden sparrows
clatter through the sycamores
morning sunbeams