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Tiring the heart--
mountains and ocean
too much beauty

morning commute
watching the sun
rise over the dashboard
the sun
between dark clouds
pigeons roosting
hard shift's end
waiting to have blood drawn
then a Starbucks run
a cool breeze brings
overnight misting rain
thrushes gather worms
back in the plant-
doing end of shift reports
while the sun rises
three koi
in endless circles
pollarded trees
grasp at the lowered clouds
chaffinch song
river waters
running high --
crescent moon caught
we dance
down daffodil lane
once more
cherry blossom
bright against fresh bronze leaves
sparrows dance
Summer Time -
where did I put the booklet
of the sundial ?


heure d'été -
où ai-je rangé la notice
du cadran solaire ?
cooler weather
brings the return of coats
muffled walkers
plum blossoms
making me drunk—
give me more!
sullen sky
over a flowering viburnum
forsythia fades


days into spring,
lumps of snow still remain--
here and there
I gaze out the window
my lovers, all, slowly faded too
..(C)2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony;
reaching into the poet's heart
a red tulip
is joined by several yellow ones
daffodils fade
morning ginko
daffodils begin to bud
above the spring snow
old cola can
a splash of red in the garden
riverside forsythia:
underwater caverns
spring sunshine
on the old stones of Arbor Low
cloud shadows
the moon, bright
through a gap in the curtains
cats fighting
weekend treats-
first of this year's garden goodies
new found Asian market
early sunlight
streams through the window
the cat wants breakfast
mediocrity fini--life,
parading women
..Copyright 2011 Spiros Zafiris
a breeze
fresh like the blossom
then stillness
white clouds
of cherry blossoms
of smoke

* * *

the earthquake ravaged country
sad spring moon
tinged  the colour of sorrow
faded cherry blossom
fills the gap
between the flowers

The Heron’s Nest,Vol.XIII,No.1,March 2011
gardens on the edge
of the railroad -
forsythias in bloom


jardins en bordure
de la voie ferrée -
les forsythias en fleur
weeping blossoms
the uprooted tree adrift
after the tsunami
morning chores
first plant run of the season
the smell of manure
melting snow
the old pine gingerly
limbers up
lively ants
on her kitchen table
and in the sink

a sparrow
pecks at the aubretia
aphids already?
heart chakra
today I feel the need
to water magnolias
damp clings
to the shrubs and trees
muted songs
apricot blossom
maybe this year
is the one
mist becomes rain
catkins on the alder trees
turn brown
shrouded in mist
pollarded trees grasp the sky
eyelashes, heavy with rain
stretching over
the raging waters
a branch of bright cherry buds

(for Japan's sadness)
the sun reflects
from a garden full of frost
iced primulas
dawn chorus
I lie awake in the dark
solar lights
sparkle in the night garden
morning frost
a future waterfall
bursts dancing pinheads
into new angel DNA

gendai verse
A possible 1000 people have lost lives.  This is truly horrible, and thankfully due to Government preparations over the years, it could have easily been ten times that number.
My thoughts go out to everyone in Japan, including my haikai literature colleagues.
japan tsunami
short question in my prayer
god, falling asleep?

*Deepest sympathy for the victims of Japan tsunami
shop-bought violets
lift up their angry faces
compost heap thrushes
smooth cherry bark
studded by nodules of fresh leaves
sparrows in sunshine
deep droning
from the motorway
a lark sings
afternoon rhapsody
perpetual cry of

rapsodi siang
garengpung di dahan turi
terus berdengung
little sparrow
I regret nothing today
flowers in the wind

A homage to La Môme Piaf  

the bones of trees
shaking in the gusting wind
sparrows bowled along

water water every where

water water every where
black cat
turns to look -
yellow of daffodils
i've learned about
the meaning of being alone
if only you're here
you'd know my new friends
a tremor and a poetry book

sudah kupelajari
arti hidup menyendiri
jika kau ada
kenalilah teman-teman baruku
tremor dan buku puisi
hard spikes of grass
whitened by morning frost
sparrows on the roof
daffodil spikes
show their first yellow slivers
currants flush pink
let it snow
isn't it almost spring
hand me a flake
..Copyright 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
sparrows cheep
in the hour before dawn
dogs snore


the promise of spring
forgives the divine plan, to chart
fallen leaves
and igloo weather
our lips bubble, rootlike
..Copyright 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony
blackbird hen
on the bird table
sparrows glower
no sunshine
penetrates the stratus
seagulls on the playground

sweet smoke

labial folds of tulip leaves
among last year's withered browns
variegated arum

soaking up
after the monsoon rains
--scent of frangipani
perfumed air
melts the heart
that aches
green fuzz
blankets the willow withies
morning mist
spring -
yellow blossom tree
eyes full of sleep
and wonder