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Tiring the heart--
mountains and ocean
too much beauty

this Easter - azaleas
sun drenched – there are
a million ways to love

Details of an Arts Weekend in New Malden, Greater London, Surrey

Saturday, April 30, 2011

spring, garden awakes
black earth tumbles and tumbles
robins are happy
the Rowan trees
display clusters of flowers
blackbirds seek grass seeds
forgotten glasses
on the table of the garden -
pollen dust


lunettes oubliées
sur la table du jardin -
poussière de pollen
lettuce leaves curl slightly inward
under the moonlight

Walpurgis Night

This night
we will fight
a true battle of might
against all evil – a need-fire
we light
last quarter
I save up for a chin of gold
and a new moon

4am moonrise
your chin of gold, and me
tucked in bed

I shine your chin of gold
and dimities of blue

from the lunar surface
the universe my shoe

4 x Moon haiku inspired by Emily Dickinson for the last day of NaPoWriMo
late night commute
two deer romp
in a construction zone


at Master's feet
first steps


first fruits
warm sunshine
on them
hornbeams and maples
Milton echoes all around
Westminster Abbey

Royal Wedding April 29th 2011
Prince William & Kate Middleton 

Royal Wedding video feeds:

Trees in Westminster Abbey:

Westminster Abbey:

20ft-high English field maples, six in total, along with two hornbeams.
The hornbeam is known for being extremely hard and is said to symbolise resilience. The English field maple is said represent humility and reserve. It is the favoured wood used for harp making and it is also used to create medieval loving cups.

John Milton, possibly the world’s most accomplished poet:

spring dawn
in my pajamas watching
the royal wedding
grey clouds gather
to watch the Royal Wedding
silent streets
weeping bamboos
i start showing my children
how to haiku

rintihan bambu
nak, lihat bagaimana
haiku ditulis
don't trust the cat
her eyes green the earth
with anti-matter
Part of Alan's gendai haiku challenge for NaPoWriMo

from one sustained gust
I walk a petal-strewn path
your life torn from me

another soggy day
flats full of flowers
wait to be planted
on the front lawn
next door's black cat
family rite of spring-
reminding the siblings
"two weeks to mother's day"...

azaleas still
unfolding the colour of
turmeric and saffron

Photo Azaleas Richmond Park by Sibisson
field of dreams
an unborn child's colour
isn't rapeseed

gendai haiku challenge for NaPoWriMo
potted tulips
wilted from the heat
the winds shepherds clouds
blue cornflowers
hold their heads to the sun
ants and bees
today I glimpsed
the dandelion's ghost
before it disappeared
May blossom
in the cemetery
white lilac
the little bee
gathering each daisy -
I'll mow tomorrow


la petite abeille
de pâquerette en pâquerette -
je tondrai demain
starlight and memory
the wink of a one-eyed dog
as it sneezes
waiting for the sunshine
clouds promise rain
Dreams of traveling
often ends staying home
my love is set on Crete
rotating shifts-
internal clock reset
by early birdsong
pink bluebells
bloom on a roadside verge
white lilac
Enjoying tree blossom
eagerly awaiting
the plum tree fruit
why not blossom?
even on a rainy day
azaleas –
God's toy of colour
plays with red
a rainbow laid flat
upon the earth
in the meadow
a sea of dandelions
sunny day
taking the long way
to the car

Tired Of Life

I grow tired of it
the living of day to day
I hear the mourning dove

so sad so alone
he searches for a true love
and yet can find none
along the riverside
Lenten robes
of purple lilac
motorbike roar
stretching out into the night
birdsong in the dark
in the rain
creeping closer
spring, you

* * *

lähelle hiipivä
kevät, sinä
Hitler's birthday
a withered daffodil
stares at the sun
aquilegia flowers
raise purple petals skyward
delicate rosemary
hope springs eternal
the mechanics one day
will ask for help
Why do
we live from day
to day in endless quest
for wealth, while we forget to tend
our soul?

In my book, Rustle of bamboo leaves
tulip petals fall
a delicate blush
of spirea
Awakening moon
pregnant with the new month
foxes on the street
azaleas cloaked
in fleeting summer robes -
maroon and indigo
nesting in the hedge
next door's dog, barking
amongst the daisies
tiny flecks of speedwell
reflect the sky
loew's garden section
red throated bird
chirps in the rafters

Building A Temple of Colour

April at
the still pond - each day
asaleas are building
their temple of colour

Photograph Isabella Plantation by Fred Dawson
cherry blossoms
the Vietnam Wall remembers
their names
morning commute
open cherry blossoms
outside the plant door
bedecked in white and purple
petrol-winged starlings
willows sprout fresh ribbons --
young girls on a lark

azalea sleeps
in its bed of green -
wakes to magenta

Photo Magenta Azalea by Olaf
grey doves on rooftops
melt into overhead clouds
cherry blossom snow
morning walk
rain slicked hyacinths
dance in the breeze
green azaleas
ghosts in grey morning mist
emerging scarlet
magenta and crimson
in the growing light
pear tree
covered in white blossom
apple branches
rainy night
screech of tires and high beams
bid me to stop now
Written in my heart—
a frog beneath the thin snow
waiting for spring thaw.
a sparrow
on the dead branch of a bay tree
culinary displeasure
morning drive
fog billowing on the river
two geese emerge
purple azaleas
unfolding - a thousand
butterfly wings
purple honesty
self-seeded in a kitchen pot
matching aubretia
sunshine through new leaves
a row of tulips in the undergrowth
red helmeted soldiers
old apple tree -
the sound of a saw fills
the empty space


vieux pommier -
le bruit d'une scie emplit
l'espace vide
the pear tree
is covered in blossom
no sign of bees

Something Light

these pyjamas
are more summery
shut the window
..Copyright 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
spring harbingers
two birds cavort
in my front lawn
Cherry blossom,
too much beauty... for a heart--
to bear alone
forsythia covered bushes
fill the world
the azalea flower
the way it carries the burden
of a bumble bee
on warm winds
the smell of green --
earthworm carves a trail
white Honesty
blossoms in the circle
blue Lungwort blooms
mall run
throughout the parking lot
the scent of fresh manure
a cherry tree
through the gap in the curtains
an urban fox
camellia blossoming  -
a hundred throats
cherry petals
become a cloud of pink snow
compost worms dance
morning ginko
first daffodils lift their heads
and enjoy spring
magnolia petals
scattered in the garden
like happiness
yellow tulips
reflect the morning sun
plum blossom
one hundred
thundering bullfrogs
rock the pond
pollen covers
the pictures in my camera
spring in Georgia
April wind -
on the edge of the path
dandelions dance


brise d'avril -
sur le bord du chemin
les pissenlits dansent
white flowers
on the new plum sapling
wormwood's plumes
a cold wind
dries off the night's rain
angry-faced pansies
a test to see if there are line breaks
chore filled morning-
nothing done was on the list
break to watch spring snow
Poisson d’Avril
I gain the pirate's flag
on my blog counter

Part of NaPoWriMo
deer's look
my eyes behind
the camera
rain patters
on the roof of the bike shed
the smell of wet dogs