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Tiring the heart--
mountains and ocean
too much beauty

morning sun -
at the other end of the garden
chairs in semicircle


soleil du matin -
à l'autre bout du jardin
les chaises en demi-cercle
garden of red roses
dark, forbidden
climbing trellis and gable
in a net of shadows
house of white roses
heavy headed
tossed on the breeze
outside the pub
young sparrows
disturbing the peace
light rain of June -
a kamikaze snail
on the cycle track


pluie fine de juin -
un escargot kamikaze
sur la piste cyclable
after work stress relief
dirt under my fingernails
trash can filled with weeds

To Mandy Smith

To Mandy Smith,
an admirable creator and person,
and a great friend of the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM)

Text: Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (cultural counsellor of SARM)
Photo: Valentin Grigore (President of SARM)

Posted by Gerald England on behalf of and at the request of Andrei Dorian Gheorghe.
afternoon delight-
purple globe thistle sprouted
in pink dianthus
spring rain
a soft tattoo
from her tiny house
constant pleading -
busy blue tit
orange haze of dawn
the sun and the moon
swap preeminence
endless rain -
the sudden scent
of roses
picnic table-
six women catch up on houses
husbands and kids
wet night -
of the leaves
first sunny day -
the pinkish
of her cleavage


premier soleil -
le rosé
de son décolleté

night blind fingers
mistakenly pinch off
wisteria buds

weekend plans-
out of town to see old friends
and roadside plant stands

The Shadow

each night there is a shadow in my room
almost visible like someone under water
light cuts through and bends at odd angles
swirling colors spin wildly in the darkness
I feel no fear of this moving spirit
only intense longing for what once was
vivid blues wrap me in sweet dreams and whispers
I know this spirit, I know him so well
his blue eyes watch over me every night
while am safe and cared for till we meet again

tears have no power
beneath billowing clouds
---soft blue skies
this morning
bursts with sunlight and bird song
such responsibility
wilting afternoon
walking through a sheet of heat
from the car to the plant
a firefly escorts me
to put out the trash
the crack
of his first homerun
pigeons clapping
Late May
a lonely nightingale calls
withered bluebells

blue sky
on a light breeze
summer's perfume

cherry blossom ripe
soft wind caresses bud
miracle of life
creation is mystical
vast value of life
compressed in a seed

World Haiku Review,Vol.7,Issue 2,August,2009
languid first light
both moon and sun
nestle in the cloud beds
living waters
pond ripples
across time
Overhead clouds
as the temperature plummets
oriental poppy