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Tiring the heart--
mountains and ocean
too much beauty

rain drips off leaves
diamonds sparkling in sunlight
worms gathered by blackbirds
dawn chorus
a brace of wood pigeons
in conversation
cherry trees bow
for the prevailing wind
green fruit, discarded
trees shiver
in the sudden wind
doors rattle
rain drips from roofs
a sparrow takes a bath
in a blocked gutter
planning the weekend
scoping out a shady tree
to serve as my muse
counting stars
I move round
the galaxy

Credit: The Mainichi Daily News, May 25, 2011
spring fair  -
raise pink flowers to the clouds
London Pride
scent of narcissi
in the night I hear
your beauty

* * *

narsissien tuoksu
yössä kuulen kuinka
kaunis olet
first light
closing the curtains to sleep
enjoying the birdsong

Tanka..the lament

she journeyed afar
and he lamented--listen to
the willows talk
they're wishing for
rosebuds for his lips
..(C)1986/2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
..Note: previously, poem
had a staza break after L3
and "listen to" started L3
..and, possibly,
"rosebuds" ended L4
..and it was entitled: The Lament
scavaging ravens
like torn black rags -
scattered by the wind
sparrows in the hedgerow
teaching their young to forage
wood pigeon's call
late night commutes
silvermound glistens
under the half moon
through clouds
a ray pierces
the poppy's head fills with light
oriental poppy
bursts into flower
lupin, shy
Monday, Monday-
coming in not knowing
it's a 13.5 hour day
the vapor
from the river below
reaches the balcony
where he talks to
his tuberculosis
wind swept -
the trees are beckoning us
into the sky
cherries fall
in the unexpected wind
cornflowers fade
on Wimbledon Common
distant bagpipes
above the chaos
a red breasted bird
chirps joyfully
trees whipped
by a stiff north-easterly
dark clouds flung
rainwater streams
each with a crouching boy
building dams

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fledgling sparrows
flitting about the fields
white butterflies
all shift-
scrambling for a minute's peace
between the malfunctions

prepping for shift meeting
count to ten in japanese
to reel it in
lavender buds
poking through undergrowth
a cat, basking
red roses
tethered to an anchor
of thorns
May's morning
more calls less pecks
the woodpecker bird
mid shift break
doing the Times crossword
by moonlight
a barn owl hoots
in an urban landscape
gibbous moon, waning
mid shift break-
the sound of pelting rain
comes through a back door
fronds of monkshood
develop flowerbuds
aubretia tires

dared to burst forth
I race raindrops to welcome
the first peony

on the couch
enjoying the garden
through the window
tadpoles lose their tails
to make their first steps on land
thrushes applaud
you ask me
what rhymes
with orange
rainbow deadhead
knew nothing
two sparrows
drive off a magpie
brightly hued eggs

neighborhood ginko
the hawk seems to know
what I need
picking lemongrass
for cooking this morning
the first time
i learn not to confuse
me and my alter ego

first roses
a glossy red clot
nodding in the breeze

Photo Red Rose by cheesy42
on the wet grass
the cat with a dead sparrow
subdued chirping

Monday morning
a mom waves to the school bus
and to the hawk

Join in the global ginko! ;-)
afternoon commute
beaver sunning himself
in the neighbor's yard
Welsh poppies
open sunshine yellow heads
garden iris
dandelion clocks
to tell the time of year
doves gleaning seeds
blast from passing cars
roadside poppies
late night commute-
double moon
dances on the pond
azalea snakes
its way through the garden
sheds its skin of light
busy with thoughts I bump into a honeysuckle day
sudden growth
brought on by weekend rain
cornflowers occluded
exactly in between
my nightmare and the rain
a door open

tepat di antara
hujan dan mimpi burukku
pintu terbuka
honesty seeds
are bright green pennies
coins tossed in the pond
spring journey
the soldiers talk about
spotty teenagers
blue cornflowers
dancing with tutus for the sun
morning rain, drying
14 hour shift
walking outside
to view the day
on a stinging nettle leaf
- lotus position


une coccinelle
sur une feuille d'ortie
- position du lotus
wood pigeon
calls out the dawn chorus
crow's raucous shout
late night commute-
deer freezes in my headlights
its mate on the curb
morning breeze lifts
white sheets on the line --
gnarled fingers clutching clothes pins
morning rains
freshen the leaves of perennials
ripples on the pond
too tired to sleep-
enjoying the early birsong
lilac twists
in a sudden breeze
sparrow flight falters
new spring outfit
pollen filigree
draping the car
around the dead tree -
a pool of blue bells
sweet peas
scramble upwards
SFH Day 2
planning tomorrow's gardening
for mental diversion
lightning strikes
i hold my breath for
the afterimage

petir menyambar
aku menahan nafas
silau sesaat
Table manners

I was probably the clumsiest among others in my family at holding the spoon and fork. Unlike Mom, Dad, my sisters and brothers, I held the cutlery like holding a knife, instead of the way I took a grip on a pen. We didn't use a knife to savour a dish.

"Use your bare hands," my Mom said almost each and every evening when we had dinner with the whole family. "Wash them first before you start," my Mom added and moved a ceramic bowl of water towards me for hand washing.

family dinner
chinese dancer dances
in my bowl

Adab di meja makan

Dibanding anak-anak lainnya dalam keluarga kami, mungkin aku yang paling canggung menggunakan sendok dan garpu. Selalu saja aku memegang sepasang alat itu dengan cara yang aneh. Aku memegang sendok dan garpu seperti aku memegang pisau, bukan pena. Padahal, kami tak pernah menggunakan pisau untuk makan.

“Gunakan saja kedua tanganmu, tapi jangan lupa cuci dulu,” kata ibu.

makan malam
penari china menari
di kobokanku
a spot of blue in the green
enjoying the moonlight
walking to the car
a paper kite
colors gargantuan clouds
lonely pilgrim
places where our stories
written and remain untold

layangan kertas
mewarna awan gargantuan
ziarah sendiri
muasal kisah kita yang
ditulis tak dituturkan
coats a long-dead apple tree
ivy and nightshade

of the still pond -
mallard and mandarin

Photo Mandarin Duck by paulafunnell
May Day
a blackbird skirts the choice
of blossoms

May Writing Challenge, NaHaiWriMo FB 
strawberry flowers
points of white on green