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Tiring the heart--
mountains and ocean
too much beauty

white cherry tree
an old woman carries
her tortoise


Alan Summers said...

I absolutely love this! Can you tell us more, although really the haiku says it all doesn't it? ;-)

Area 17
Bath Japanese Festival

Dennis Tomlinson said...

Thanks, Alan. On a housing estate where I deliver the mail, an old lady sometimes comes out of her bungalow to let her tortoise roam through the grass outside and eat it. Actually, she was about to show off the tortoise to a visiting nurse when I saw them.

Alan Summers said...

Great account. I love it! ;-)


John McDonald said...

yes great one

Kelly M. said...

what a chuckle! love this, Dennis!

Dennis Tomlinson said...

Thanks too, John and Kelly

diana l. said...

Nice job, Dennis.