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Tiring the heart--
mountains and ocean
too much beauty



Alan Summers said...

A great image, please let Rudi Rh know that how much I appreciated the artwork.

Love your verses! ;-)

In verse four maybe cowbells not cowbell?

Great work and collaboration. Will the two of you being more work together?


Wahyu W. Basjir said...

Thank you, Alan. Rudi already checked your comment on this post, but couldn't reply since he has no blogger account.

Yes. I just noticed that I made the mistake, again. But I think i need an article before cowbell, instead of adding an "s" to make a plural form of it. What do you think?

Alan Summers said...

Hi Wahyu,

I'll have to leave you to decide between an indefinite article or pluralise cowbells.

I think you might be right to make it one as that's unusual to only hear a single cow.


Anonymous said...

Thx Alan..It's great read your comment..and thx to wahju for the first collaboration making haiga/haiku. It's wonderful. Rudi rh

Alan Summers said...

Hi Rudi,

Look forward to more collaborations between you two.

Do you have a website showing your artwork by the way?

Alan’s Area 17 blog

Wahyu W. Basjir said...

Hi Alan,

Rudi and I have been friends for years, and it is our first collaboration. I believe he will be interested in doing another ones.

I already asked him to show me his works and see what may come in our minds. But he has no particular website to store his photos. I urged him to build one for himself.