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Tiring the heart--
mountains and ocean
too much beauty


Walpurgis Night

This night
we will fight
a true battle of might
against all evil – a need-fire
we light


Alan Summers said...

Hi ashi,

Did you mean to say nedfire or Need-fire?


Ashi said...

Hi Alan
I got the word from Wikipedia danish section, from this "(Danish og Norwegian: nødild, German: Notfeuer, English: neidfire eller nedfire). " but in the English section they talk about bonfire -
I seetle for nedfire, maybe I was wrong?

Alan Summers said...

Hi Ashi,

Check out this weblink:

It might change your mind. ;-)

all my best,


Ashi said...

if need-fire seems to be the right word here - it correspond with the Nordic and German word.
Alright I will change the word :)
thanks Alan