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Tiring the heart--
mountains and ocean
too much beauty

open window
cats fall over each other
getting to the sill


Alan Summers said...

I really like this.

It's more than just a visual statement.

The immediacy is great.

I really like to feel "included" in a haiku, and I feel those cat are literally edging me out of the way to take over that window seat/sill. ;-)

My cat open window haiku:

open window
the cat dozes
half in half out

Alan Summers

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Diane Mayr said...

Hi Alan! At least 50% of all the haiku I have written over the years have to do with my cats!

Cats are "immediate" creatures--feed me now! Love me now! Get your hands off that keyboard and pet me--now!

Thanks for sharing your window cat haiku! One of my cats accidentally pushed the screen out one day and the next thing I knew there were two little paws gripping the windowsill from the outside!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love this, very visual and engaging, definitely made me smile!