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Tiring the heart--
mountains and ocean
too much beauty


going nowhere


a spongy path
under a silent sky
going nowhere

gerald england


P K Padhy said...

Discovering a new ambience.

Spiros Zafiris said...

..i like it with one reservation.."spongy path"
too reminds me of 'sponge
..think i'd like it even more if it were a soggy path
or some such adjective..thanks:

a soggy path
under a silent sky
going nowhere
** **

..and please do not be offended by my taking liberties with your poem..it's just that i've
participated in several workshops and sometimes
have hard time shaking off
that mode..>>spiros

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

no offence taken whatsover Spiro - spongy was the feeling I had walking that particular path - soggy would be TOO wet - if it had been soggy I wouldn't have attempted it - actually a section was very soggy and needed careful negotiation.

diana l. said...

Feeling well captured and a great photo!