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Tiring the heart--
mountains and ocean
too much beauty


The Shadow

each night there is a shadow in my room
almost visible like someone under water
light cuts through and bends at odd angles
swirling colors spin wildly in the darkness
I feel no fear of this moving spirit
only intense longing for what once was
vivid blues wrap me in sweet dreams and whispers
I know this spirit, I know him so well
his blue eyes watch over me every night
while am safe and cared for till we meet again

tears have no power
beneath billowing clouds
---soft blue skies


P K Padhy said...

Very poetic Haibun! I liked the image- tears have no power.

Beatrice V said...

Very interesting haibun Melanie!
On reading the haiku..

beyond soft blue skies
beneath the billowing clouds
tears have no power

.. some interesting ideas come up too...
it more or less reads to me even more interestingly this way:

tears have no power
beneath billowing clouds
---soft blue skies

We all should try more haibun!

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Thank you Beatrice, I can the changes would make it more powerful


Alan Summers said...

Intriguing image. Did you take the original photograph?

Weirdly it looks like Paul Conneally, do you know him?